Why should you hire a mentalist for your corporate event? Here are 5 reasons

First off, what is a mentalist? Well, a mentalist is like a magician except it’s magic of the mind instead of with sleight of hand. Instead of picking a card and finding it like a magician, a mentalist can tell you the name of your childhood friend, predict the actions of your organizations’ president, or even give one of your guests the ability to “read minds” themselves. Below are five reasons why you should hire a mentalist for your next corporate event.

  1. A mentalism show is more than likely a first time experience for your guests. This not only enhances the great time they’re already having at your event, it helps your event stand out. How many other events do you think your guests have been to that have a mentalist? My “premonition”…none.

  2. The show is completely audience interactive. This serves two purposes. It gets people up, moving around and excited for one. Secondly, it gives them something to talk about afterwards. This makes for a great and comfortable way to get people talking together that don’t know each other.

  3. A mentalism show requires very little logistically. Not only can it be done for groups from 15 to 2000 or more, it requires very little setup. As a client, this is invaluable as it saves a considerable amount of money and effort on arranging logistics.

  4. Bespoke tailoring and customization of the performance. One of the unique aspects of having a mentalist is the opportunity for them to integrate a desired message (or branding) into a performance. While a band, DJ, or comedian is a nice option, they aren’t unique and memorable and they can’t provide this customization. It could mean the mentalist creates a personalized piece for a VIP, having the CEO or President involved, or incorporating the company or organization’s message, slogan, or logo into the performance. By using unique, live entertainment such as a mentalism show to deliver your message, you dramatically increase the memorability of your company or organization, branding, and message by helping your guests make the mental associations required to remember you by.

  5. It’s FUN! This is the element that’s often forgotten in the event planning process. Whether you’re planning a breakfast event with your VIPs, or you need to keep 1000 people busy, you really want them to have fun. If you want your guests to laugh in surprise, scream in amazement, and leave going, “That was amazing! How did he do that?!,” then a mentalist is for you.

A New Mind

The site has been transformed. Just a few housekeeping things.....this site is now fully devoted to my performing and booking of my act and keynote. It will consist of all things related to the Mentalism and Performance Speaking including related media, show info, the documentary Road to Pro: A Mind Journey, behind the scenes photos and video, and this blog. This blog will be used to share passing thoughts about what it takes to go pro in this field. So enjoy and come back soon for a more in depth journey through my mind.

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Everyone dies but not everyone lives

2016 is quickly approaching. And with that new years resolutions are right along with it. Get in better shape. Eat better. Make more money. Travel more. The usual. They'll last about a month and then things are right back to normal. And then another year has passed and nothing has changed for you. I spoke to this topic before when we talked about people dying at 22 and making it official at 82. Your last day is inevitable. It is coming. Yes you are alive. But will you honestly say that you truly lived. I understand that holds different meaning for everyone. You have to figure out what that means for you. The thing is, what are you actually doing to make your life one that is lived?

For me, it means a lot of things. Of course I want to be healthy and successful and all that both those things entail. The thing I've realized though is that on my path to those things, I have to remember to live. I have to remember to enjoy the path. I have to remember to not get caught up in the day to day in and out activities. I need to instead truly take them in. Be mindful of every part of life that happens. I think we all get in this rut sometime of doing the same thing day in and day out and not realizing what a joy it can all be. Maybe the issue for some of you is it isn't a joy. The life you're living isn't one you'd be proud of at the end. Well what the heck are you doing to change that? I've said this before and I continue to say it because I truly believe it: Make a decision. That's right. It really is as simple as that. Instead of the normal bullshit that everyone makes a new years resolution to do, make a decision on how you can not just be alive, but live. Live fully. In every way it means for you.   

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Non-Paradoxical Paradoxes

Time. Past. Present. Future. The illusion of time. The lack of it. Moving slow. Moving fast. No time. No time like the present. But then it's the past. Time..........................and the idea of time has fascinated me for a long.........time. Contradictory statements such as "We shouldn't dwell on the past."<----------> "We must learn from our past. In it lies the predictor of the future." Time paradoxes such as when time seems to move.......so.......incredibly........slow. Deja vu, which some people believe deals directly with time in a jumbled fashion as opposed to a linear one like we all use everyday. I've done magic since I was 15 and when  I was 20 I got into mentalism, i.e. mind reading. Yes it was all an illusion but could you really predict the future? Let's take the time to connect to the quote in my Instagram (@spcstudios) "The best way to predict your future is to create it." Maybe we can't see into the future of others, but you can see yours. At least in a sense.

There is no question, the decisions you make now directly relate to your future outcomes. Not in a blog post, but in a future book, I'll outline how crazy it is how my decisions have led to where I am today. Have you ever taken the time to think about that? Can you think back to a moment in time where you can say wow, if I'd made another choice my life would be so different now. What I want to add to that is, be mindful of your decisions. They literally make all the difference in how future moments are lived. So how do you want your moments to be lived? How do you want your time in the future to be spent? Once you answer that, take a long hard look at the decisions you're making currently and see if they'll get you to the moments you want to have down the road. Once that's done, continually be mindful of your moment to moment decisions. 

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Don't Hesitate

So today is the live show at VCU for MrPreneurTV. I am so very excited about this. We've worked hard on it. It never would have happened though, if one year ago I didn't decide to make the jump and start doing photography as a business and not just a hobby. I use to think that the process to getting to where you want to go goes like this: 1. Identify your dream. 2. Plan how to get it done. 3. Go out and get it done. Well needless to say, that didn't work for me. At all. See I'm a details person. When it comes to anything I'm interested in I research like crazy on it before I make the jump. With regards to business, I plan like crazy to make sure that I'm doing it the "right" way before I take action. Maybe you're the same way. Problem is, most people that do this, myself included, never achieve anything because they spend too much time planning how they will achieve it. You plan and plan and plan until it gets to the point that you haven't accomplished anything and just give up. So how do you turn that around? The answer is simple. Flip steps 2 and 3.

The dream, i.e. the goal, is always first. You have to know where you're going in order to get there. But don't plan afterwards. Just do it. And more importantly, DO IT NOW. Don't wait. Do something. Anything to get started. Then figure out the rest as you go. I guarantee you that will make all the difference. I'll give you an example. One and a half years ago I developed an idea for a personal photo project called Dream Nation Project. I then spent the next 7 months figuring out how I was going to go about it. What the pictures were going to look like. How I was going to contact people. How many people I wanted involved. What I planned on doing with it. But I spent 7 months doing that! I wasted seven months! It finally got to the point where I just said, you know what, I'm just going to contact someone I want to photograph and go from there. I did. They said yes. I was excited. We set a shoot date. And it was at that point I figured out what the photo was going to look like. I also knew I wanted to interview them. In the beginning I started out by just recording the audio on my phone. Now it has progressed to documentary style video. See what I mean? Start and then figure the rest out as you go. 

I cannot say that I have completely gotten over this. I still hesitate. I just found out this week, actually twice in the same day, that I lost jobs because I hesitated to act when I initially thought about it. Freaking sucked. I was so mad. But I only hesitated because I had these crazy thoughts in my head like "Your work isn't good enough for people to pay for it." "They won't go for this idea." "They won't want to work with me because of the way I look." Basically it all boils down to I just didn't value myself. Don't do that people. Your work is good enough. YOU are good enough. YOU are valuable and you matter.



Dream Nation Project: www.dreamnationproject.com

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