Everyone dies but not everyone lives

2016 is quickly approaching. And with that new years resolutions are right along with it. Get in better shape. Eat better. Make more money. Travel more. The usual. They'll last about a month and then things are right back to normal. And then another year has passed and nothing has changed for you. I spoke to this topic before when we talked about people dying at 22 and making it official at 82. Your last day is inevitable. It is coming. Yes you are alive. But will you honestly say that you truly lived. I understand that holds different meaning for everyone. You have to figure out what that means for you. The thing is, what are you actually doing to make your life one that is lived?

For me, it means a lot of things. Of course I want to be healthy and successful and all that both those things entail. The thing I've realized though is that on my path to those things, I have to remember to live. I have to remember to enjoy the path. I have to remember to not get caught up in the day to day in and out activities. I need to instead truly take them in. Be mindful of every part of life that happens. I think we all get in this rut sometime of doing the same thing day in and day out and not realizing what a joy it can all be. Maybe the issue for some of you is it isn't a joy. The life you're living isn't one you'd be proud of at the end. Well what the heck are you doing to change that? I've said this before and I continue to say it because I truly believe it: Make a decision. That's right. It really is as simple as that. Instead of the normal bullshit that everyone makes a new years resolution to do, make a decision on how you can not just be alive, but live. Live fully. In every way it means for you.   

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