Non-Paradoxical Paradoxes

Time. Past. Present. Future. The illusion of time. The lack of it. Moving slow. Moving fast. No time. No time like the present. But then it's the past. Time..........................and the idea of time has fascinated me for a long.........time. Contradictory statements such as "We shouldn't dwell on the past."<----------> "We must learn from our past. In it lies the predictor of the future." Time paradoxes such as when time seems to Deja vu, which some people believe deals directly with time in a jumbled fashion as opposed to a linear one like we all use everyday. I've done magic since I was 15 and when  I was 20 I got into mentalism, i.e. mind reading. Yes it was all an illusion but could you really predict the future? Let's take the time to connect to the quote in my Instagram (@spcstudios) "The best way to predict your future is to create it." Maybe we can't see into the future of others, but you can see yours. At least in a sense.

There is no question, the decisions you make now directly relate to your future outcomes. Not in a blog post, but in a future book, I'll outline how crazy it is how my decisions have led to where I am today. Have you ever taken the time to think about that? Can you think back to a moment in time where you can say wow, if I'd made another choice my life would be so different now. What I want to add to that is, be mindful of your decisions. They literally make all the difference in how future moments are lived. So how do you want your moments to be lived? How do you want your time in the future to be spent? Once you answer that, take a long hard look at the decisions you're making currently and see if they'll get you to the moments you want to have down the road. Once that's done, continually be mindful of your moment to moment decisions. 

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