Shane Patrick Crews
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Hey there, I’m Shane Patrick Crews. I’m a Creative Entrepreneur & Performance Artist based out of Richmond, VA.


Passion is a myth. It is our curiosities that should drive us. This has been a long-held belief of mine. You often hear, “Follow your passion!” Well, what if you’re like most people and you don’t know what your passion is? The answer: Pursue your curiosities. Pursue anything and everything you’re even remotely curious about. I promise you; you do that, and you’re sure to run into your passion.

In my case I ran into various passions, all centered around stories. My story. Your story. The story we tell ourselves. The story we tell others. I tell my own story through sharing my magic and showing what’s possible with the mind, through my photography project, and through video with the podcast. I am completely honored when I get the chance to share any one of these.

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“Passion is a myth. Pursue your curiosities.”

- shane patrick crews