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Why should you hire a mentalist for your corporate event? Here are 5 reasons

First off, what is a mentalist? Well, a mentalist is like a magician except it’s magic of the mind instead of with sleight of hand. Instead of picking a card and finding it like a magician, a mentalist can tell you the name of your childhood friend, predict the actions of your organizations’ president, or even give one of your guests the ability to “read minds” themselves. Below are five reasons why you should hire a mentalist for your next corporate event.

  1. A mentalism show is more than likely a first time experience for your guests. This not only enhances the great time they’re already having at your event, it helps your event stand out. How many other events do you think your guests have been to that have a mentalist? My “premonition”…none.

  2. The show is completely audience interactive. This serves two purposes. It gets people up, moving around and excited for one. Secondly, it gives them something to talk about afterwards. This makes for a great and comfortable way to get people talking together that don’t know each other.

  3. A mentalism show requires very little logistically. Not only can it be done for groups from 15 to 2000 or more, it requires very little setup. As a client, this is invaluable as it saves a considerable amount of money and effort on arranging logistics.

  4. Bespoke tailoring and customization of the performance. One of the unique aspects of having a mentalist is the opportunity for them to integrate a desired message (or branding) into a performance. While a band, DJ, or comedian is a nice option, they aren’t unique and memorable and they can’t provide this customization. It could mean the mentalist creates a personalized piece for a VIP, having the CEO or President involved, or incorporating the company or organization’s message, slogan, or logo into the performance. By using unique, live entertainment such as a mentalism show to deliver your message, you dramatically increase the memorability of your company or organization, branding, and message by helping your guests make the mental associations required to remember you by.

  5. It’s FUN! This is the element that’s often forgotten in the event planning process. Whether you’re planning a breakfast event with your VIPs, or you need to keep 1000 people busy, you really want them to have fun. If you want your guests to laugh in surprise, scream in amazement, and leave going, “That was amazing! How did he do that?!,” then a mentalist is for you.