Don't Hesitate

So today is the live show at VCU for MrPreneurTV. I am so very excited about this. We've worked hard on it. It never would have happened though, if one year ago I didn't decide to make the jump and start doing photography as a business and not just a hobby. I use to think that the process to getting to where you want to go goes like this: 1. Identify your dream. 2. Plan how to get it done. 3. Go out and get it done. Well needless to say, that didn't work for me. At all. See I'm a details person. When it comes to anything I'm interested in I research like crazy on it before I make the jump. With regards to business, I plan like crazy to make sure that I'm doing it the "right" way before I take action. Maybe you're the same way. Problem is, most people that do this, myself included, never achieve anything because they spend too much time planning how they will achieve it. You plan and plan and plan until it gets to the point that you haven't accomplished anything and just give up. So how do you turn that around? The answer is simple. Flip steps 2 and 3.

The dream, i.e. the goal, is always first. You have to know where you're going in order to get there. But don't plan afterwards. Just do it. And more importantly, DO IT NOW. Don't wait. Do something. Anything to get started. Then figure out the rest as you go. I guarantee you that will make all the difference. I'll give you an example. One and a half years ago I developed an idea for a personal photo project called Dream Nation Project. I then spent the next 7 months figuring out how I was going to go about it. What the pictures were going to look like. How I was going to contact people. How many people I wanted involved. What I planned on doing with it. But I spent 7 months doing that! I wasted seven months! It finally got to the point where I just said, you know what, I'm just going to contact someone I want to photograph and go from there. I did. They said yes. I was excited. We set a shoot date. And it was at that point I figured out what the photo was going to look like. I also knew I wanted to interview them. In the beginning I started out by just recording the audio on my phone. Now it has progressed to documentary style video. See what I mean? Start and then figure the rest out as you go. 

I cannot say that I have completely gotten over this. I still hesitate. I just found out this week, actually twice in the same day, that I lost jobs because I hesitated to act when I initially thought about it. Freaking sucked. I was so mad. But I only hesitated because I had these crazy thoughts in my head like "Your work isn't good enough for people to pay for it." "They won't go for this idea." "They won't want to work with me because of the way I look." Basically it all boils down to I just didn't value myself. Don't do that people. Your work is good enough. YOU are good enough. YOU are valuable and you matter.



Dream Nation Project:

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